Saturday, April 24, 2010

Discovery: Our journey is about discovery by creating crowded spaces and void spaces using the undulating surfaces, that were created to remove all traces of a horizon line, and thus all points of ‘normal’ reference, to further displace the organism person. In doing this, the void spaces will be soft and malleable, challenging the perceived sense of awareness and throwing you into a further unexpected state of unbalance. Conversely, the crowded labyrinthine spaces suggest a claustrophobic and disorienting atmosphere, leading to ones need for a more open, or perceived ‘easier’ journey. However, when one searches for this, they find that it too possess its own set of challenges in the unexpected acquiescent nature of the materiality.

Enlightened journey: Bumps and surfaces will be also used as lighting. These will be simply derived by shrinking the interior protrusions to take the form of small lighting mechanisms that are a demonstration of the world’s population, and your insignificance amongst it all. Randomly scattered throughout the derived landscape they will not only create a symbolic reference, but also a tactile lit surface to aid in ones journey through the room. The colours of these lights will be varying colours of the rainbow, juxtaposed against the ‘blank’ surfaces, indicative of the varying nature of the human species.

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