Thursday, April 29, 2010

a beautiful clock in the apartment with a laser cut paper model draped over
as soon as we got back maxi stripped off - popped a sleeping pill - and was tucked in, mask and ear plugs and teddy aaawww

hard to see but its actually a very beautiful bright i need this blazer is the question>? how does it fit in with my predominantly black wardrobe? do you see this with a cute orange jumper, white shirt with subtle orange and black pin stripe of check...and black tie? thoughts? ideas?

the australian representatives soon make themselves at home on Annie's table...
so - in keeping with the big 'this is a study tour mainly focused on Arakawa and Gins....and not a lovely holiday in NY as an escape from the hell that is RMIT and my final year' - ahem....i found Annie's wonderful library to be most helpful in providing the very books necessary for major project prep. yay for me.
shoving the laptop into the corner of the wall and this pretty whitewashed table looking into the courtyards is the only way to scam free internet. that or you have to sit in the bathroom resting the laptop on the right hand side of the sink. also good.

BPNY - thanks to JMJ designs..... love....also this was the very first meal of NY tour 2010! you are not seeing the pancakes as they were consumed by this point. dont judge me. haters back off.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brahman Perera is going to NEW YORK!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

AFTERGLOW: melbourne infrastructure and the afterglow. Bike storage and pathways


This project aims to use the skills

across architecture, textile design, and applied science

in order to consider highly fluorescent materials

with long afterglows that can last up to two days

in the dark.

afterglow site 1: ...

afterglow site 2: ...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

SOFTCORE : 1:1 lamiate models - production of the urban fabric

1:1 initial idea montages - laminate chains - meditation shoals and water chains

Discovery: Our journey is about discovery by creating crowded spaces and void spaces using the undulating surfaces, that were created to remove all traces of a horizon line, and thus all points of ‘normal’ reference, to further displace the organism person. In doing this, the void spaces will be soft and malleable, challenging the perceived sense of awareness and throwing you into a further unexpected state of unbalance. Conversely, the crowded labyrinthine spaces suggest a claustrophobic and disorienting atmosphere, leading to ones need for a more open, or perceived ‘easier’ journey. However, when one searches for this, they find that it too possess its own set of challenges in the unexpected acquiescent nature of the materiality.

Enlightened journey: Bumps and surfaces will be also used as lighting. These will be simply derived by shrinking the interior protrusions to take the form of small lighting mechanisms that are a demonstration of the world’s population, and your insignificance amongst it all. Randomly scattered throughout the derived landscape they will not only create a symbolic reference, but also a tactile lit surface to aid in ones journey through the room. The colours of these lights will be varying colours of the rainbow, juxtaposed against the ‘blank’ surfaces, indicative of the varying nature of the human species.

making a silicon mould to duplicate the module with plaster - then concrete - then applying over a sand/concrete mix and brushing it away to mimic the attrition of the elements along the coast

A public library on the St Kilda foreshore - the subject of atmosphere and attrition - how can this building get better with age and subject to attrition? what does it reveal as it starts to deteriorate?