Thursday, April 29, 2010

the australian representatives soon make themselves at home on Annie's table...
so - in keeping with the big 'this is a study tour mainly focused on Arakawa and Gins....and not a lovely holiday in NY as an escape from the hell that is RMIT and my final year' - ahem....i found Annie's wonderful library to be most helpful in providing the very books necessary for major project prep. yay for me.
shoving the laptop into the corner of the wall and this pretty whitewashed table looking into the courtyards is the only way to scam free internet. that or you have to sit in the bathroom resting the laptop on the right hand side of the sink. also good.

BPNY - thanks to JMJ designs..... love....also this was the very first meal of NY tour 2010! you are not seeing the pancakes as they were consumed by this point. dont judge me. haters back off.

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